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Our Framing Services

You’ll find detailed information on our Bespoke Picture Framing service elsewhere on this site, but there is a wide range of techniques, tools and picture framing services associated with our trade and below is a quick overview of what we’re able to offer.

Ready-Made Frames

Ready Made Picture Frames
Primarily we’re bespoke picture framers, but we know there are times when a ready-made frame is all that’s required – normally where time or budget is limited!

We therefore stock just a small range of wooden and aluminium frames in a range of popular sizes. These are all beautifully made high quality frames.

Ready Made Picture Frames

Mount Cutting

Picture Frame Mount Cutting
Picture Frame Mount Cutting

Using the latest computerised mount cutting machine we supply precision cut mounts to any size and can therefore cut multi aperture layouts, single, double or triple mounts.

We offer a full range of mount colours as well as standard, conservation, museum, black core, and extra thick grade boards.

Mounting Artists’ Canvases

Framing Canvases
We refit artists’ original canvases back on to a bepoke canvas stretcher frame – and as we cut all the stretchers in-house we’re not restricted to any preset sizes so can match the dimesions to the original piece.

There is a slight proviso that the artist does need to have left enough ‘spare’ canvas to allow us to ‘grip’ and tension the canvas, which is not always the case, but we’ll be able to advise once we’ve seen the piece.

Framing Canvases

Tapestries & Lacing

Lacing for framing
Lacing for framing

We have a lot of experience in framing fabrics, tapestries and cross-stitches.  All our framing is carried out to conservation standards, so in most cases we will back-lace these pieces to achieve a nice overall tension without any gluing or taping.

In addition we can also straighten the odd ‘wonky’ piece before framing – and have an have a number of tricks up our sleeves to make the most of fabric art.


Picture Frame Glazing

We cut and supply glass cut to any bespoke size.  Quite often this is just to replace a broken piece in an old frame – which we’re more than happy to do.

However customers are increasingly aware of the specialist glass types available such UV protected, anti-glare, meseum grade and even quality acrylic.  We stock a full range and can advise on the best glass type to use.

Picture Frame Glazing

Shirt Framing

Sports Shirt Framing
Sports Shirt Framing

We’ve lost track of how many shirts we’ve framed over the years – in fact many of these have been for professional players.

We’re always keen to stress that these are framed to recognised ‘conservation’ standards that means nothing is glued, cut or damaged. We hand cut a bespoke ‘inner’ to fit each shirt – and the shirt is presented flat without touching the glass.

We can also design and print any logo or accompanying text box if required.

Dry Mounting

Dry Mounting

We can dry-mount pieces to 2mm board or 5mm foamboard using a Hot Press system. Of course the vast majority of our framing is to ‘conservation standard’ which does not advocate any gluing or bonding of the artwork – however on occasions when an inexpensive piece needs to be truly flat, then we have the equipment for the job.

Dry Mounting

Commercial Projects

Commercial Picture Framing
Commercial Picture Framing

We have years’ of experience working with agencies, designers, museums, shopfitters and retailers.  We’re not a hard-core contract framing business, but we know about budgets, quality and most importantly – deadlines (we’ve never missed one yet!).

So if you have a commercial framing project, then please do contact us.

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